2015 New Year’s Resolution

Get organized!

Okay, so this may not be as much of a New Year’s resolution as it is a necessity. I had been putting off cleaning out our closets and cabinets for awhile now. To give you a taste of just how bad it was, this is our master bathroom closet…

master bathroom closet

It’s actually kind of embarrassing. So much stuff. Some necessary, some not. Just a lot of junk! I’d like to excuse it as “well, I worked at CVS so we had to really know our products” which we did but there’s just too much junk in there and it’s just plain messy.

I have been going through all the closets in the house and throwing stuff away that was either expired or unsalvageable, setting things aside to sell or donate, and organizing it. Here is what our master bathroom closet looks like now.

master bathroom closet

master bathroom closet

We have big plans for our home in 2015 so we have motivation to clean and organize. I’ll leave you hanging with that because I’m not able to share what those plans are yet which is what I meant when I said it’s more of a necessity than a New Year’s resolution. 🙂


DIY Wood Box

Okay, so I’m certainly not the first blogger to make one of these but I loved the idea and wanted to try making one of my very own. I’ve pinned a tutorial on my DIY Pinterest board on how to make one, but the one I went off of is over at The Idea Room. I built mine slightly different but used the same measurements. The employees at Home Depot are great about cutting everything for you too! 🙂


Two 5.5 inch, 1 x 4 poplar wood boards (ends)

Two 31.5 inch, 1 x 4 poplar wood boards (sides)

One 30 inch, 1 x 6 pine wood board (bottom)

**Here’s a little fun fact. Did you know a 1 x 4 board is actually 1 x 3.5? Same with 1 x 6; it’s really 1 x 5.5. Yup! It’s kinda like ice cream and how it’s no longer a half gallon. Sigh! Booo, inflation :/

Black screws

Drill and drill bits

Stain (such as Minwax)



1. Lay out the boards so they make your box and line it up to prepare for drilling.

2. Using a similar, but slightly narrower drill bit than your screw, drill holes where you want to place your screws to secure the box. This will help prevent the wood from splitting when you go to put in your screws.

3. Insert the screws where you drilled holes, driving each of them in with the drill. You can also use a screwdriver, but this might be difficult depending on the size of your drill holes. Make sure you don’t use too much force and go slowly or you might split the wood. (I had my husband help me with step 2 & 3 with the drill.)

wood box, screws

4. Once your box is put together, sand it a bit to smooth any rough edges.

5. Apply your stain. I used Minwax Dark Walnut.

Minwax Dark Walnut Stain

6. Go over the stain with Polyurethane.

Your box is finished and you can fill it with whatever you like for each season!

For Christmas, I filled it with greenery, a few sparkly stems from Michaels, and mercury glass ornaments.

wood box, greenery, mercury glass ornaments, pottery bard tahoe plaid table runner, pottery barn benchwright coffee table

Currently, I have dried boxwood clippings leftover from Christmas, pinecones, and a few white vintage ornaments I keep out year-round. I’m looking forward to brainstorming for the next season or whenever I feel like it needs a change. 🙂

wood box, greenery, white vintage ornaments, pottery bard tahoe plaid table runner, pottery barn benchwright coffee table

It’s A New Year

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! We hosted Christmas Eve this year which wasn’t our first year doing so but it was our first time hosting with a baby and it went much more smoothly than anticipated. The hubby was a great big help whether it was running errands, cleaning the house or just helping get the little guy napping. It was great having him around the few days prior to prepare! 🙂 Christmas Day we got a bit of a break from hosting and went over my in-law’s house.

After Christmas, we took a family trip out to western Mass to visit Hobby Lobby. It was my first time to the actual store (I visit their website frequently) and it is awesome! It’s like a Michaels, only better!! If you’re into crafts and DIYs then you should try to find one and check it out. I had a blast! I just wish there was one closer. They have a great website but I have this weird thing about paying for shipping. I refuse to pay for shipping. I like to take advantage of free shipping offers whenever possible. I make a few exceptions like that champagne tree you can find on my Christmas Home Tour but only because I got a great deal so it was worth it. I scored a ton of great deals on their after Christmas sale where everything was 80% off and also this framed wall art that quotes one of the greatest old hymns, Amazing Grace. Can’t wait to hang it!

hobby lobby amazing grace wall art, anthropologie monogram mug, gold scissors, elements of style erin gates book

You can see one of my Christmas gifts from the hubs, this awesome book, Elements of Style. It’s a book about home decor/interior design and I can’t wait to read it. I must admit, one of the reasons I wanted the book is because it just looks beautiful! The author, Erin Gates (who is also from Boston by the way) did an awesome job designing the cover. This is better designed than most (if not all) of my college Graphic Design books. Stunning!

hobby lobby amazing grace wall art, anthropologie monogram mug, gold scissors, elements of style erin gates book

We took it easy for New Year’s, staying in watching the ball drop from our couch. I was getting over a respiratory infection so staying in was probably best. We’ve been hit hard lately with colds. As soon as I got over the infection, I got a head cold and so did Andrew. I couldn’t help but think of that Nyquil commercial that says “Dad’s [Mom’s in this case] don’t get sick days.”  It’s so true! Glad to be feeling better though and hope to write more posts in the new year! 🙂