2015 New Year’s Resolution

Get organized!

Okay, so this may not be as much of a New Year’s resolution as it is a necessity. I had been putting off cleaning out our closets and cabinets for awhile now. To give you a taste of just how bad it was, this is our master bathroom closet…

master bathroom closet

It’s actually kind of embarrassing. So much stuff. Some necessary, some not. Just a lot of junk! I’d like to excuse it as “well, I worked at CVS so we had to really know our products” which we did but there’s just too much junk in there and it’s just plain messy.

I have been going through all the closets in the house and throwing stuff away that was either expired or unsalvageable, setting things aside to sell or donate, and organizing it. Here is what our master bathroom closet looks like now.

master bathroom closet

master bathroom closet

We have big plans for our home in 2015 so we have motivation to clean and organize. I’ll leave you hanging with that because I’m not able to share what those plans are yet which is what I meant when I said it’s more of a necessity than a New Year’s resolution. 🙂


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