Home by Grace is moving!

Awhile back, I had mentioned we had big goals for 2015. Well, one of our goals was to sell our house… and we did! It was a great first home and we’ll miss the many memories we shared there but the timing seemed right to put it on the market to see what would happen. We had great success with over twenty showings the first weekend and six offers that same weekend.

I have been MIA for the past month and half to two months because I had to focus on getting the house ready for showings and then packing. Currently, our stuff is still in boxes and we are in the process of purchasing our next home which should allow me to share a lot more projects, so stay tuned! 🙂

Here are some of the photos from our listing.

Front Exterior

home sold

Kitchen/Dining Area

kitchen dining area

kitchen dining area

kitchen dining area

dining room kitchen area

dining room kitchen area

Master Bedroom

master suite bedroom

Master Bathroom

master bathroom


nautical nursery bedroom

nautical nursery bedroom


home bathroom

Living Room

home family room living room

home family room living room

home family room living room


home office


laundry room bathroom home

Back Exterior

house exterior back deck

Front/Side Exterior

house exterior

Here is a final photo of us at our first home.

home sale family front of house

home sale sign


Dr. Seuss 1 Year Old Birthday

Recently, my son turned one and I can’t even tell you how fast that first year went by. If you have kids, I’m sure you can relate. Even if you don’t, it seems time goes by faster as you get older. Anyways, we had a small family birthday party for him. We kept it relatively simple with easy crock pot foods like pulled pork and salads and I wasn’t even going to do much decorating or have a theme. Well, the designer in me ended up having way too much fun with it. Originally, I was going to go with a nautical theme to go with his nursery because he’s a little young to pick his own theme. But, the Monday before his birthday (which fell on a Saturday), I was reading to him Dr. Seuss’s ABC’s and it clicked then and there. He loves when I read him that book and also Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?. He always has a big smile and bobs his head with excitement as I’m reading it while he turns the pages to look at the fun illustrations. That was it! A Dr. Seuss birthday was going to be the theme.

dr seuss birthday party decorations in kitchen dining area

I wanted to make it colorful to go with the colors in his two favorite books rather than just doing the traditional red, white and blue.

dr seuss birthday party decorations in kitchen dining area

I made most of the decorations including this banner.

dr seuss birthday party decorations in kitchen dining area on vintage window wall hook

These tissue fans were one of the few items that I didn’t make and you can find these at Michael’s. These are so cool because they fold back up so you can save them for future parties.

I made the One Fish, Two Fish sign, the Mr. Brown cutout and the pinwheel using a fellow blogger’s tutorial 🙂

dr seuss birthday party decorations in kitchen dining area with candy table

Again, I made most everything here but did not write the poem — Pinterest find! — designed it though.

dr seuss birthday party decorations in kitchen dining area with birthday sign and happy birthday to you book

Probably the most fun I had was making the tissue paper pom poms! I went to several stores trying to find these to purchase and finally came home from Michaels with a Martha Stewart Tissue Pom Kit only to find out it’s just a bunch of regular tissue paper that you can buy anywhere. Back to the store those went! I bought a giant package of tissue paper at HomeGoods and used this tutorial to make my own.

dr seuss birthday party decorations in kitchen dining area with tissue pom poms

dr seuss birthday party decorations in kitchen dining area

I included the last page of Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? on a sign because I would read this to him when he was first born and this was his favorite part. I think, mostly because the way I would read it to him in a silly, fun kind of way.

dr seuss birthday party decorations in kitchen dining area

Here’s the birthday boy in anticipation of his cake!


Not really sure what to do with it…


that seems about right! 🙂


Simply Neutral Decor

I don’t know about you (but I’m feelin’ 22 – ha! jk that Taylor Swift song popped into my head while typing that). Seriously, though… I don’t know about you but I cannot wait for Spring! I feel like I just mentioned that in my previous post but really the snow scene is getting old and I’m sick of being cooped up. (Coop-ed! Haha that’s an inside joke between my husband and I because our little beagle pup’s name is Cooper and we often call him Coop for short.) 🙂

Anyways, I’ve been cleaning and organizing a lot around here so am keeping things pretty neutral around here with my decor.

dining area room, striped curtains, home decor

These pinecones add a natural touch.

large sugar pine cones in a white wood crate on a vintage white wood chest with striped curtains

I added a boxwood wreath and twigs for more natural elements…

vintage window wall hooks with bar butcher block table, home decor

vintage white window wall hooks with boxwood wreath

and faux cotton stems because… well, just because I love them! I’ve been seeing them a lot on my favorite HGTV show, Fixer Upper. That Joanna Gaines sure does have fabulous style! 🙂

wood crate with faux cotton stems

Winter Grey

This month has been crazy! We’ve gotten around 6 feet of snow in the last month. I’m so glad we’re halfway through February because we’re that much closer to Spring!

As if there wasn’t enough grey outside, I decided to change out our curtains in our dining area with grey and white stripes. I’ve been really liking the striped curtain trend I’ve seen in several retailer’s catalogs lately. Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, West Elm to name a few. They looked beautiful. But price… well, not so much. I was wandering the aisles of HomeGoods one day and spotted these beauties! There they were at a much more reasonable price and looked just as good as the ones at the other stores.

dining room, striped curtains, rugby stripes, vintage, decor

What do you think? Here’s a photo from my Fall Home Tour with the plain white curtains. I like how the grey and white stripes give a little extra added interest to the space.

dining room, vintage, decor

2015 New Year’s Resolution

Get organized!

Okay, so this may not be as much of a New Year’s resolution as it is a necessity. I had been putting off cleaning out our closets and cabinets for awhile now. To give you a taste of just how bad it was, this is our master bathroom closet…

master bathroom closet

It’s actually kind of embarrassing. So much stuff. Some necessary, some not. Just a lot of junk! I’d like to excuse it as “well, I worked at CVS so we had to really know our products” which we did but there’s just too much junk in there and it’s just plain messy.

I have been going through all the closets in the house and throwing stuff away that was either expired or unsalvageable, setting things aside to sell or donate, and organizing it. Here is what our master bathroom closet looks like now.

master bathroom closet

master bathroom closet

We have big plans for our home in 2015 so we have motivation to clean and organize. I’ll leave you hanging with that because I’m not able to share what those plans are yet which is what I meant when I said it’s more of a necessity than a New Year’s resolution. 🙂

It’s A New Year

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! We hosted Christmas Eve this year which wasn’t our first year doing so but it was our first time hosting with a baby and it went much more smoothly than anticipated. The hubby was a great big help whether it was running errands, cleaning the house or just helping get the little guy napping. It was great having him around the few days prior to prepare! 🙂 Christmas Day we got a bit of a break from hosting and went over my in-law’s house.

After Christmas, we took a family trip out to western Mass to visit Hobby Lobby. It was my first time to the actual store (I visit their website frequently) and it is awesome! It’s like a Michaels, only better!! If you’re into crafts and DIYs then you should try to find one and check it out. I had a blast! I just wish there was one closer. They have a great website but I have this weird thing about paying for shipping. I refuse to pay for shipping. I like to take advantage of free shipping offers whenever possible. I make a few exceptions like that champagne tree you can find on my Christmas Home Tour but only because I got a great deal so it was worth it. I scored a ton of great deals on their after Christmas sale where everything was 80% off and also this framed wall art that quotes one of the greatest old hymns, Amazing Grace. Can’t wait to hang it!

hobby lobby amazing grace wall art, anthropologie monogram mug, gold scissors, elements of style erin gates book

You can see one of my Christmas gifts from the hubs, this awesome book, Elements of Style. It’s a book about home decor/interior design and I can’t wait to read it. I must admit, one of the reasons I wanted the book is because it just looks beautiful! The author, Erin Gates (who is also from Boston by the way) did an awesome job designing the cover. This is better designed than most (if not all) of my college Graphic Design books. Stunning!

hobby lobby amazing grace wall art, anthropologie monogram mug, gold scissors, elements of style erin gates book

We took it easy for New Year’s, staying in watching the ball drop from our couch. I was getting over a respiratory infection so staying in was probably best. We’ve been hit hard lately with colds. As soon as I got over the infection, I got a head cold and so did Andrew. I couldn’t help but think of that Nyquil commercial that says “Dad’s [Mom’s in this case] don’t get sick days.”  It’s so true! Glad to be feeling better though and hope to write more posts in the new year! 🙂

Christmas Home Tour Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Christmas home tour! If you missed part 1, you can check it out here. For this half of the tour, I will be showing you our second floor living space including our kitchen and dining area. I kept everything a little more neutral here using a lot of champagne accents with just a few touches of red.

As you walk up the stairs, I added garland with lights, ribbon and champagne poinsettias to the banisters.

banister, garland, poinsettias, lights

On the back of our front door (which is at the landing area since our house is a split), I have a simple pinecone wreath that I picked up from Homegoods last year. I like how it matches so nicely with the poinsettias.

pinecone champagne wreath

Enter into our dining area and I added a couple of trees.

christmas decorations, blogger home tour, kitchen, vintage window with hooks

christmas decorations, blogger home tour, kitchen

This is our German twig tree that I got as a Christmas gift when we first were married. I wrapped it in pip berry garland and burlap. Then, added champagne poinsettias from Michaels and champagne ornaments from Dollar Tree.

german twig christmas tree, champagne ornaments and poinsettias, burlap ribbon, pip berry garland

To the right of the tree, we have our vintage wood chest and our leaning bookcase from Crate & Barrel that was a wedding gift from my sister. I kept the color scheme to silver and white with some pops of red and a few greens.

crate & barrel leaning bookcase, white milk glass, wood crate, antique silver, vintage chest trunk, wire crate, sugar pinecones

Our vintage chest you may have seen before for my fall home tour. I kept it simple and added some greens to the wire crate.

vintage chest trunk, wire crate, sugar pinecones

Next, we have our butcher block table with our champagne pencil tree from Hobby Lobby.
hobby lobby champagne christmas tree, target mercury glass mason jar, vintage silver tray with crate & barrel beaded pinecone ornaments, old diy vintage window, hunter boots

I placed boxwood clippings in a vase with champagne ornaments from Dollar Tree. The small silver tray is actually an antique butter dish that I placed a few beaded pinecone ornaments from Crate & Barrel on. The mercury glass vase which is from Target has a sprig of berries in it for a touch of red.

hobby lobby champagne christmas tree, target mercury glass mason jar, and vintage silver tray with crate & barrel beaded pinecone ornaments

Over on a side table, I matched up this chalkboard sign with a vintage-looking seltzer bottle (I say vintage-looking because it’s from Homegoods 🙂 ).

vintage seltzer bottle, christmas decor and chalkboard sign

On our kitchen table, I played with a few different arrangements. First, I had this vintage looking seltzer bottle . I placed it on an antique silver tray with mercury glass ornaments and a sparkly stem from Michaels.

vintage seltzer bottle, christmas tree, mercury glass, antique silver tray

But then, I decided to just keep it simple with this red bowl of mercury glass ornaments I’ve collected over the years from Homegoods, Pottery Barn and an adorable local shop called The Vintage Retriever.

crate & barrel red marin bowl with mercury glass ornaments

In our kitchen, I kept it simple with some greenery on top of the cabinets and a few touches of red.
espresso kitchen cabinets with stainless steel appliances

Hope you enjoyed part 2 of my Christmas home tour!