Simply Neutral Decor

I don’t know about you (but I’m feelin’ 22 – ha! jk that Taylor Swift song popped into my head while typing that). Seriously, though… I don’t know about you but I cannot wait for Spring! I feel like I just mentioned that in my previous post but really the snow scene is getting old and I’m sick of being cooped up. (Coop-ed! Haha that’s an inside joke between my husband and I because our little beagle pup’s name is Cooper and we often call him Coop for short.) 🙂

Anyways, I’ve been cleaning and organizing a lot around here so am keeping things pretty neutral around here with my decor.

dining area room, striped curtains, home decor

These pinecones add a natural touch.

large sugar pine cones in a white wood crate on a vintage white wood chest with striped curtains

I added a boxwood wreath and twigs for more natural elements…

vintage window wall hooks with bar butcher block table, home decor

vintage white window wall hooks with boxwood wreath

and faux cotton stems because… well, just because I love them! I’ve been seeing them a lot on my favorite HGTV show, Fixer Upper. That Joanna Gaines sure does have fabulous style! 🙂

wood crate with faux cotton stems


Winter Grey

This month has been crazy! We’ve gotten around 6 feet of snow in the last month. I’m so glad we’re halfway through February because we’re that much closer to Spring!

As if there wasn’t enough grey outside, I decided to change out our curtains in our dining area with grey and white stripes. I’ve been really liking the striped curtain trend I’ve seen in several retailer’s catalogs lately. Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, West Elm to name a few. They looked beautiful. But price… well, not so much. I was wandering the aisles of HomeGoods one day and spotted these beauties! There they were at a much more reasonable price and looked just as good as the ones at the other stores.

dining room, striped curtains, rugby stripes, vintage, decor

What do you think? Here’s a photo from my Fall Home Tour with the plain white curtains. I like how the grey and white stripes give a little extra added interest to the space.

dining room, vintage, decor

Christmas Home Tour Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Christmas home tour! If you missed part 1, you can check it out here. For this half of the tour, I will be showing you our second floor living space including our kitchen and dining area. I kept everything a little more neutral here using a lot of champagne accents with just a few touches of red.

As you walk up the stairs, I added garland with lights, ribbon and champagne poinsettias to the banisters.

banister, garland, poinsettias, lights

On the back of our front door (which is at the landing area since our house is a split), I have a simple pinecone wreath that I picked up from Homegoods last year. I like how it matches so nicely with the poinsettias.

pinecone champagne wreath

Enter into our dining area and I added a couple of trees.

christmas decorations, blogger home tour, kitchen, vintage window with hooks

christmas decorations, blogger home tour, kitchen

This is our German twig tree that I got as a Christmas gift when we first were married. I wrapped it in pip berry garland and burlap. Then, added champagne poinsettias from Michaels and champagne ornaments from Dollar Tree.

german twig christmas tree, champagne ornaments and poinsettias, burlap ribbon, pip berry garland

To the right of the tree, we have our vintage wood chest and our leaning bookcase from Crate & Barrel that was a wedding gift from my sister. I kept the color scheme to silver and white with some pops of red and a few greens.

crate & barrel leaning bookcase, white milk glass, wood crate, antique silver, vintage chest trunk, wire crate, sugar pinecones

Our vintage chest you may have seen before for my fall home tour. I kept it simple and added some greens to the wire crate.

vintage chest trunk, wire crate, sugar pinecones

Next, we have our butcher block table with our champagne pencil tree from Hobby Lobby.
hobby lobby champagne christmas tree, target mercury glass mason jar, vintage silver tray with crate & barrel beaded pinecone ornaments, old diy vintage window, hunter boots

I placed boxwood clippings in a vase with champagne ornaments from Dollar Tree. The small silver tray is actually an antique butter dish that I placed a few beaded pinecone ornaments from Crate & Barrel on. The mercury glass vase which is from Target has a sprig of berries in it for a touch of red.

hobby lobby champagne christmas tree, target mercury glass mason jar, and vintage silver tray with crate & barrel beaded pinecone ornaments

Over on a side table, I matched up this chalkboard sign with a vintage-looking seltzer bottle (I say vintage-looking because it’s from Homegoods 🙂 ).

vintage seltzer bottle, christmas decor and chalkboard sign

On our kitchen table, I played with a few different arrangements. First, I had this vintage looking seltzer bottle . I placed it on an antique silver tray with mercury glass ornaments and a sparkly stem from Michaels.

vintage seltzer bottle, christmas tree, mercury glass, antique silver tray

But then, I decided to just keep it simple with this red bowl of mercury glass ornaments I’ve collected over the years from Homegoods, Pottery Barn and an adorable local shop called The Vintage Retriever.

crate & barrel red marin bowl with mercury glass ornaments

In our kitchen, I kept it simple with some greenery on top of the cabinets and a few touches of red.
espresso kitchen cabinets with stainless steel appliances

Hope you enjoyed part 2 of my Christmas home tour!

Christmas Home Tour Part 1

‘Tis the season for sparkling lights, the smell of fresh balsam (or fraser fir depending on your tree), fuzzy blankets and a cup of hot cocoa cuddled up on the couch by the fire, watching Christmas movies. It’s Christmas! That means lots of decorating has been happening in my house! This is my favorite time of year for decorating. It means I can have a whole lot of glitter and sparkling lights and what girl doesn’t love sparkly? 🙂

When I was a kid, I used to take all the Christmas decorations that my mom didn’t use anymore and decorate my entire room with it along with the hallway and staircase leading to it. You see, my bedroom was on the 3rd floor along with my sister’s so when she was away at college, I had free reign to do what I want with it for decor. I remember I had these M&M colored christmas lights from 1993. Ha! They were quite tacky but I loved them. If you do a quick google search for them then you’ll know what I mean.

I’d like to think my Christmas decorating has matured a bit since then so please join me in my home tour! (For Part 1 of the tour, I’m only going to cover our first floor living room space.)

christmas tree, decorations, home, living room

christmas tree, decorations, home, living room

On top of our piano, I placed ornaments and greens into a silver bowl I found at an antique store recently. The vintage white ornaments are from the gift shop at the Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, RI which if you’ve never been to is especially beautiful this time of year decorated for Christmas. They even have carolers!

christmas ornaments, silver, decorations, home decor

I enjoy mixing old with new and real with fake in my decor like I did here with this sparkly champagne tree I got from Target a few years ago.

vintage scale, ladder, christmas tree, pinecones

christmas tree, decorations, home, living room

I recently created a wooden box that I’ve been wanting to make for a few years now. I’ll talk about that in a separate post. I’m going to have so much fun filling it for each season! 🙂

wood box, coffee table, plaid table runner

old window, wreath, christmas decorations, home, living room

I used large bulb lights that I picked up from Lowe’s to wrap around the window. They remind me of when I was a kid. Then, I hung this silver basil wreath on the window and placed greenery and ornaments around it.

old window, wreath, christmas decorations, home, living room

One of the things that is very unique about our house is that it has a lot of shelving because the previous owners had built-in cabinets. We took out the cabinets and opened everything up. It’s great for adding little touches of decor here and there.

For this window shelf, I used a berry branch I bought at Homegoods and mixed in boxwood stems that I bought when we picked out our tree. — Did I mention I love boxwood? We have two of our own bushes out front but they’re not mature enough to be trimmed. — Then, I added these red mercury glass ornaments from Pottery Barn. Best time to get these by the way is after Christmas when they’re on sale!

window shelf, lantern, christmas decorations, home, living room

lantern, pinecones, christmas

I added a few sugar pinecones from Crate & Barrel that I purchased last year (saw them at Michaels this year) and green stems to our catalog/magazine tray.

sugar pinecones, pottery barn magazine

And last but not least (for Part 1 of the tour), I’ll leave you with our Charlie Brown Christmas tree – a must in our household! 🙂

charlie brown christmas tree

DIY Window Wall Hook

In a previous post, I told you about a window that I purchased from a local antique store. It was the perfect size for a specific area on our wall. Well, I finally finished it and have it hung.

diy, window, old, vintage, hooks, wood crate

Here’s how I made it:

First, I removed the old hardware and cleaned it up.

old, window, vintage, diy

Then, I touched it up with white paint. I used Benjamin Moore’s White Heron because that’s what I had on hand and it actually matched well so I was happy. I though about distressing it but the wood underneath is too new looking so I didn’t think it would look right. I can always add an antiquing glaze later if I change my mind to get the same look.

old, window, vintage, diy, benjamin moore

Next, I got the hubby to help me put the hooks on the back for hanging. We used a D-ring hanger that we picked up from Home Depot.


Then, he help me measure the hooks in order to place them evenly apart and drilled them into the window. I bought these hooks from Target in oil rubbed bronze.

old, window, vintage, diy

And then it was hung!
I went back and forth on whether I should make it into a chalkboard too but I wimped out.

Next, I got the hubs to help me measure the hooks in order to place them evenly apart and drilled them into the window.

Wicker Chair Makeover

I had been looking for a wicker chair that wasn’t too expensive for some time when I finally came upon this one while driving.

It had missing wicker in a few small spots and the red color didn’t quite fit in with my decor but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t take on.

Here’s the original wicker chair. Not terrible but certainly not great either.

old vintage wicker chair diy

See the missing wicker?

old vintage wicker chair diy

It took some brainstorming to figure out what I could use to replace the missing wicker pieces. My first thought was skewers but those are usually too thick. Then, I thought of those little sticks that you get beef teriyaki on from a Chinese restaurant but they would either need to be really cleaned or I’d have to find a place to buy them before any beef touched them. Finally, I found some oil reeds from one of those little scented oil jars from the dollar store and I thought these look like the perfect size!

hot glue gun, scented oil reeds

What do you know? They were exactly the right size and are very flexible for weaving through the wicker so I just weaved ’em through and hot glued them in place.

old vintage wicker chair diy

Next, I wanted to paint the chair to get away from the red. I used Wal-Mart’s cheap 97 cent cans of spray paint as a primer so I wouldn’t have to use all the good stuff for just the base coat. Then, I went over it with Rust-Oleum American Accents 2X Ultra Cover in Canyon Black for the final coat.

Wal-Mart black spray paint

Here it is! It’s a little shiny-er than I would’ve liked because I accidentally used Gloss instead of Satin for the final coat but it’ll do for now.

Eventually, I’d like to get a cushion for the bottom but I’ll have to keep my eye out at HomeGoods come Spring when they’re in season.
Have you ever used something like oil reeds for a project?

old vintage wicker chair diy, vintage shutter with boxwood wreathe and antique blue mason jar

Fall Home Tour

Well, it’s officially Fall here in New England and has been for about a month now so I’m a little late in posting this but you’ll have to forgive me; still trying to figure out this whole mom thing. 🙂

Fall is probably my second favorite season following Summer. I love the changing colors on the trees; beautiful reds, yellows and oranges. I love how you can bring so many things from outdoors to decorate with; acorns, wheat, twigs, pinecones. Most of all, I love how it’s the season of pumpkin and apples but mostly pumpkin (pumpkin EVERYTHING!). Pumpkin coffee, beer, bread, butter, soap, candles… you name it. Did I mention beer? My favorite of all, Shipyard Pumpkinhead! I remember the first time I had that delicious brew. It was my sister’s wedding in October of 2007. So good! And it’s brewed in the beautiful city of Portland, Maine. Okay, I’m getting a little side tracked here.

Let’s begin the tour!

autumn, home, pumpkin, vintage, decor, tour, fall, season

I love mixing natural with faux elements in my decorations. While this wheat isn’t real, I mixed it with dried lentils in the bottom of the vase.

autumn, home, pumpkin, vintage, decor, tour, fall, season, lentils, vase

autumn, home, pumpkin, vintage, decor, tour, fall, season, lantern

autumn, home, pumpkin, vintage, decor, tour, fall, season, chalkboard

autumn, home, pumpkin, vintage, decor, tour, fall, season

I love the look of this vintage wood chest that my husband found for $20 bucks at the Brimfield Flea Market this past September. I think it was the find of the day!

I paired it with a vintage wire basket, sugar pine cones from Crate and Barrel and a twig pumpkin from HomeGoods.

autumn, home, pumpkin, vintage, decor, tour, fall, season, sugar pine cones, wire basket

autumn, home, pumpkin, vintage, decor, tour, fall, season

This butcher block table provides a nice little fall vignette. To see how I transformed this piece, check out this earlier post.

autumn, home, pumpkin, vintage, decor, tour, fall, season

autumn, home, pumpkin, vintage, decor, tour, fall, season

autumn, home, pumpkin, vintage, decor, tour, fall, season

Well, that completes my fall home tour. Hope you enjoyed it!
Next season to decorate for is Christmas. While Summer is my favorite season. Christmas is my all time favorite for decorations!